Images from Dancing With The Stars 2012
Paula Abdul wanted to do something completely different and original on a live television show. Robb Wagner and Stimulated, Inc. produced, designed and directed media content to help Paula realize her vision.
Robb Wagner, Segment Director (DGA)
Click here to see Paula’s live performance.


Paula Abdul’s performance last night may be one of the weirdest and most entertaining things to ever happen on “Dancing with the Stars.”

Was it bizarre? Yes. But was it also technically and visually amazing? Hell yes!

The ’80s pop star choreographed an impressive routine to 4 of her classic hits — a routine that incorporated video screens in the best and weirdest way.

As she danced both in front of and on top of the screens, we were treated to shots of her feline “Opposites Attract” costar MC Skat Kat … as well as random images like a triceratops, a larger-than-life Maksim Chmerkovskiy and the illusion of a collapsing floor.

While she didn’t actually sing live, Abdul proved she still has some moves in her for a 50-year-old woman … and seeing her dance to classics like “Forever Your Girl,” “Opposites Attract,” “Cold-Hearted Snake” and “Straight Up” definitely brought back the ’80s nostalgia.