Stimulated can help make anything possible for you.

Do you want to entertain or engage? Is your next project live or on demand? Will your audience be local or global?

In this day and age Robb Wagner knows the only answer is all of the above. Stimulated is rooted in Robb’s belief that the most exciting possibilities exist when content and ideas can be converged in NEW and interesting ways.

Like the company he leads, Robb thrives on being a go-to resource for daring creative and gutsy technical challenges. While this may be uncharted territory for you, that’s exactly what makes it exciting to Robb, and thus enables Stimulated to make anything possible for you.

Epic Rock (2013)

Robb Wagner and Stimulated, Inc. helped Carnival Productions converge classic rock with interactive multimedia and dance to create a groundbreaking stage production. Find Out More.

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