“Robb – I want to tell you again how much I appreciate the incredible and loving investment you and everyone you invited on to our project made. It has been such a privilege. I have all along appreciated your openness and willingness to do everything within your ability to serve Michael and I at the highest level. You accomplished this in spades. Please take every opportunity that you have to thank your Staff and all the Creative Team on my behalf for an outstanding job.“
-Kenny Ortega, Director “Michael Jackson‘s This Is It“

“Robb, Please pass onto your team how impressed I was with this year’s show.  You guys put so much work in and your artists are so talented.  I honestly love your work.
-Mark Burnett, Executive Producer, 10th Annual Spike Video Game Awards

“You killed it.”
-Jeff Haddad, Manager, Pussycat Dolls

“Knowing Robb is onboard to produce our screens means there is one less element we need to worry about.”
-Joe Demaio, Director, MTV Movie Awards

“The slickest parts of ‘This Is It’ are the filmed sequences that were intended to be part of the stage show…”

“Director Kenny Ortega’s ultimate vision for the show is fleshed out further with glimpses of interstitial video—the intro into ‘Smooth Criminal,’ which splices a fedora’d Jackson onto vintage footage of Rita Hayworth and Edward G. Robinson, is particularly inspired…”

“…it looks like it would’ve been a helluva show, complete with eco-consciousness-raising, an onstage bulldozer and 3-D ‘Thriller’ footage, newly created to dazzle audiences…”
-Chicago Tribune

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